About us

HeroesToo Foundation

ECOfriendly habits for a better tomorrow.
HeroesToo Foundation is a registered Hong Kong charity aiming to restore and protect the environment through eco-education and connecting individuals to chanel their collective energy to create a lasting response to environmental threats through the EcoPledge. We collaborate with schools to reach out to students with our holistic ‘whole school’ sustainable lifestyle education process, the HeroesToo EcoPledge Program.

HeroesToo is founded by Raymond Yap, a retired businessman, grandfather of three and cancer survivor. After successfully recovering from surgery with a new outlook on life, he felt a calling to protect the planet and all whom inhabit it and realised if every individual did the same  it would make a difference.

We support the UN Global Citizen Campaign to achieve the UN’s Global Goals to take action on sustainability, global health and climate change.

We are also an affiliate member of the Hong Kong Business Environment Council engaging with various stakeholders in promoting Hong Kong’s environmental sustainability.

HeroesToo EcoPledge Program

Besides Eco-pledge2the direct approach to restore and preserve the environment, we also aim to educate and encourage each and every individual to be aware of their habits and reduce their resource consumption.

Through our platform, the EcoPledge Program, we enable schools, companies and individuals to make a commitment, a pledge to lower their resource consumption, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

The EcoPledge Program also enables a connection with others by allowing these individual pledges to be viewed and shared on social media.The type of  resource each person is saving, how they are going to do it and by how much they aim to reduce it by, can be seen and shared.

The aim is to inspire and motivate participants, spread the message in their social network and make a positive change within the community and even globally, so more people will become involved in leading a sustainable lifestyle.

HeroesToo Educational Programmes

SDC1HeroesToo Foundation in collaboration with our partner, social enterprise SolutionsTooLtd., launched a series of Sustainable Design Competitions (SDC). The aim of the competitions was to encourage talented artists to incorporate sustainability into their designs as well as spreading this message to the community.

Our last competition involved students artistically sparring against one another to create a design that would feature in and on bus shelters around the Hong Kong. The competition inspired numerous people from a wide array of schools, companies and institutes to participate.

Faculty members at the Hong Kong Design Institute made our challenge a compulsory assignment for its students. Kowloon Motor Bus Commission collaborated and used the winning designs on their bus shelters. This eventually led to local media outlets TVB Pearl, Roadshow, and SCMP covering the event on-air.

reforestation first HeroesToo Foundation operated the HeroesToo Reforestation and Forest Protection Programme in collaboration with the Guangdong Academy of Forestry, in Lashi Village in 2010. 21,500 sapling trees of 59 different species were planted on 160 hectares of land. As a result of this reforestation, villagers were equipped with new skills and more importantly, a trade that would earn them money.