The EcoPledge

Our team is currently working on a new, interactive platform for the EcoPledge, where schools, corporates and individuals will be able to not only keep track of their own pledges and achievements, but also be inspired by goals pledged by other people on the platform. Visit our pledge website for a special sneak peek of the features of the platform .

What is the EcoPledge?

“The EcoPledge: a commitment made by schools, corporates and individuals to save on one or more of the earth’s resources”.



The EcoPledge Program was created by HeroesToo to encourage individuals to commit to a change towards a more sustainable lifestyle and behaviour resulting in a reduction of their carbon footprint. Through empowering schools, companies and individuals, HeroesToo channels the collective energy of the community to create a significant response to environmental threats facing humanity today.

In taking the EcoPledge, individuals are taught how to reduce their negative impact on the environment and even contribute towards positive change within the community and globally. Additionally, in taking the EcoPledge, students participate in EcoPledge workshops to learn how human activities have impacted and damaged our planet, and take action on solutions to live a sustainable lifestyle. The programme aims to help schools find ways to reduce their carbon footprint by educating students and providing guidelines to improve the school’s environmental sustainability by reducing resource consumption and getting involved in a sustainable life project. In the EcoPledge Program, schools are able to reduce 5% or more of their yearly energy usage and paper bills. By supporting the EcoPledge Program, companies can better understand and reduce their resource usage while providing financial support to fund the programme in schools in addition to gaining valuable brand exposure for a great cause.