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RaymoRaymond Yap Profile Founder & CEO of The HeroesToo Foundationnd Yap

Founder & CEO of HeroesToo Foundation

Raymond Yap spent 30 years in business, primarily heading up the European operations for Wong’s International Ltd., a major electronics manufacturing group listed in Hong Kong. He also worked with Mondex, part of the Mastercard suite of smart card companies.

In the late 1980s Raymond opted for early retirement, emigrating to Vancouver in 1991 to enjoy life and spend more time with his family. In 2003, he was diagnosed with Melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer, and subsequently underwent life-saving surgery. This proved to be a cathartic experience, leading from concern for his family – particularly his young grandchildren – to a realization that the best way to safeguard their future was to protect the environment.

Eager to create lasting change, Raymond came out of retirement and applied his business acumen and experience to founding and running HeroesToo Foundation.

E-mail: raymond@heroestoo.com

Phone: (852) 6403-0208

 Chris Curry ProfileChristopher Curry

Co-Founder & Director of HeroesToo Foundation

Chris Curry is the co-founder of Acorn Computers. In his early career days, he worked at Pye, Royal Radar Establishment and W.R Grace Laboratories. In April of 1966 he joined Sinclair Radionics where he worked for 13 years, involved with their hi-fi products and their electric vehicle. In 1972, he helped them launch its first electronic calculator, the Executive. He set up Cambridge Processor Unit Ltd. (CPU) in December of 1978. Their first product was the Acorn Microcomputer (later called the System 1). He became a millionaire as a result of Acorn’s success. In 1983 he co-founded Redwood Publishing and bought the Acorn User title. In 1985, he founded General Information Systems Ltd (GIS) and remains the director. In 1970 Chris also founded ARM Holdings (ARM), a British multinational semiconductor and software design company with its head office in Cambridge, England. Its largest business is designing processors (CPU) bearing the ARM name. In 2012, he announced his latest project for GIS, Care with Canary.

Sarah Wu

North America Liaison of  HeroesToo Foundation

A generalist with many varied interests, Sarah retired in 2002 and has since been teaching at the City of Vancouver’s Office of Emergency Management in the Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP), sharing life saving tips to a diverse range of audiences. Sarah is also an instructor for the BC Housing Tenant Learning programme, teaching low income families how to maximise their limited resources.

Sarah loves to research. Her interests in learning led her to research feasibility studies for real estate investments, a pig farming operation, international schools in China and many comparative studies on multiple subjects.
Outside of work Sarah has acted, hosted and produced many projects including singing contests, beauty pageants and digital shorts. As a gold rated Mystery Shopper, Sarah once drank 15 mint mocha lattes from various Starbucks in one week to evaluate their customer service, product consistency and staff efficiency standards. Sarah is happily married and lives with her very indulgent husband in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Management Committee

 The HeroesToo Management Committee, chaired by Raymond Yap, is comprised of a team of seasoned business professionals with expertise in education, charity management, business development and business management. The committee oversees the development of the foundation’s strategies and programmes, programme content, programme execution and budget management.


Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.20.14 PM copyEleanor Sackett is excited about HeroesToo Foundation’s Eco-pledge programme, its  effectiveness in changing consumer habits and making a positive impact on the environment and its ability to be globally duplicated.

Eleanor’s expertise is in marketing, events management and charity fundraising, having worked for almost a decade as the Executive Director of the Sedan Chair Charities Fund, re-branding and building the charity foundation with strategic planning, donor relations, overseeing grants and programmes as well as community outreach. She continues to work in the non-profit sector in fundraising and events and also manages an events and marketing consultancy.

Born and raised in Hong Kong she moved to England to obtain her business degree and a year’s grooming with Saatchi & Saatchi in London before returning home to set up the Asia Pacific sales and marketing office for Nike. She also worked  in Dubai as Marketing Manager Middle East for Mothercare. She Chairs the KGV Alumni Association, her Alma Mater, and continues to serve on the executive committee of Hong Kong Squash, having represented Hong Kong in the sport and continues to play competitively.



Terry crop 2Terry Teemley is thrilled to be involved with HeroesToo Foundation. He is very concerned about the state of the environment, particularly the ever increasing amounts of rubbish our “disposable” society is creating every day. He believes in the HeroesToo approach of empowering people to protect our world, with a key focus on educating school children and youth, so that they develop environmentally friendly habits to reduce waste that they will carry forward into adulthood.

His business career spans more than 25 years with a background in marketing, new business development, strategic planning and brand consulting. In addition, he has a passion for teaching and training. He has conducted numerous corporate trainings and for the last nine years he has carved time out of his busy schedule to teach English to adults and children in Hong Kong on a part-time basis. He also has non-profit experience, having supported the marketing, promotion and social enterprise work of a social service NGO. Terry continues to work as a marketing and branding consultant in Hong Kong.

Born and raised in the U.S., he obtained his MBA degree from the University of New York and developed his marketing and new business development skills for ten years at Kraft Foods. Motivated to expand into international marketing, Terry was posted to Asia by Mead Johnson Nutritionals as its Asia Pacific Regional Marketing Director in 1997 and has lived in Asia since. He was re-named Region Marketing Director for the Southeast Asia Division of The Coca Cola Company, focusing on the development and introduction of healthier beverages. Terry moved to Hong Kong in 2007 and established his marketing and branding consultancy, Insight Associates Limited. He is a permanent Hong Kong resident and considers Hong Kong his home.


Wanda HScreen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.16.57 pmuang is an experienced educator, permaculture practitioner and conservationist from Canada. Her work has ranged from promoting experiential learning and environmental programmes in Hong Kong to working on permaculture projects in eco-communities and organic farms in Asia. Wanda is a qualified secondary school teacher with 17 years of teaching and curriculum development experience. She has traveled to over 100 countries and has worked within the tertiary and secondary education sectors and as a curriculum development officer for the Education Bureau (EDB) of Hong Kong.

A Native-English speaker, Wanda is also fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. She holds Masters Degrees in Psychology, Education and Linguistics (TESOL) from Canada, Hong Kong and the UK respectively. She has worked tirelessly with experiential learning providers, social enterprises and NGOs on promoting outdoor educational and sustainability projects across schools in Hong Kong, China, Canada and New Zealand.


Advisory Board Members

Dr_Merrin _Pearse_350x350 Bio Profile PhotoDr. Merrin Pearse is an internationally-experienced project manager working for government departments, SMEs, international companies and NGOs in quality assurance, auditing, sustainability, benchmarking and community engagement roles.

Merrin has been involved in multiple global projects including the quality assurance of United Nations border missions, auditing of engineering projects, training and facilitation in the use of new technology and processes. His background, training and experience in geodesy and engineering in locations as diverse as Antarctica and East Africa enables him to provide a practical approach to achieving long term goals and vision.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Geodesy & Geomatic Engineering from the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Surveying from the University of Otago.

His most recent position was acting Chief Executive Officer with Friends of the Earth (HK), he worked with them as a project manager in communication and as a senior environmental officer on a corporate sector low carbon initiative. Elsewhere he has delivered experiential learning programs on sustainability, worked for the Earth Champions Foundation and Ecovision Asia. Merrin is active in community groups, chairman of the Living Islands Movement, co-organiser of Hong Kong Green Drinks and an external advisor to AIESEC Hong Kong Baptist University.



Melissa ShadforthMelissa Shadforth has over 20 years of experience in financial services; including advisory services, corporate finance, restructuring, and business consulting with Ernst & Young in Australia and North America before she joined the Macquarie Group, global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services.  As Associate Director, Melissa held regional and global roles in Australia and Asia across financial operations, risk management, remuneration policy, sustainability reporting and supply chain management.

Driven by her desire to create social change through conscious collaboration, Melissa joined the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA), a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to promoting sustainable finance and responsible investment in Asia. Melissa currently engages with social enterprises, schools and other aligned organisations with regard to strategy, operations, business development, innovation, behavioural change and education.


0623477Mark Harper is a highly skilled programme manager & communicator with ten years experience managing & implementing corporate/NGO partnerships in the Asia, Latin America, North America & European markets. He has strong experience especially in the areas of CSR/sustainability reporting and community investment.

Previously with the Business Environment Council, Mark was the Policy Research & ESG Advisory Manager providing consultancy services on ESG management and reporting. Prior to that, as Manager of China Water Risk, his role involved writing water related thought leadership pieces & conducting sector specific research into water risk for finance companies.

Throughout his career, Mark has been involved in corporate sustainability, working with corporations on how to embed sustainability into the DNA of how they do business. In his previous roles, he has been involved in building & managing effective strategic partnership programmes across both the corporate & public sector. This involvement encompassed all stages of programme development & management, from writing the proposal, budget preparation, to logistical planning, roll out & reporting.

Mark has a strong background in ESG Reporting, employee engagement & CSR education. Previously he was part of the leadership team responsible for the management and delivery of the HSBC Climate Partnership. He was responsible for the management & delivery of the employee & stakeholder engagement aspects of an award winning sustainability leadership programme. This engagement programme, ran in partnership with HSBC, WWF, Climate Group, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Initiative, supported world class scientific research and an innovative employee/local stakeholder learning programme.