Sustainable Design Competition Bus Shelter

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Bus shelters are part of Hong Kong’s intricate transportation system and they are impossible to miss. This is why we chose bus shelters to be apart of our sustainable design competition. The purpose of the competition was to incorporate (without comprising on style) a design that would both serve as an a urban landscape icon and a billboard for environmental issues.

The bus shelter SDC attracted students from several major academic institutions and received nearly a hundred entries. A number of those entries were from design students from universities, and we were surprised to find out that our SDC had become a newly delegated part of their syllabus. The competition also gained major support from the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Kowloon Motor Bus Company who even dedicated a couple of their shelters to the winning designs.

Participants of this competition were invited to visit Hong Kong Jockey Club’s facilities including the Beas River Country Club and the Shatin horse stable. We held workshops during the competition which allowed students to receive a first hand look on how architects designed prototypes for companies with the theme of course being sustainability.

12 finalist were chosen out of the 71 entries, where the finalist made a model to represent their idea and presented the model to our panel of judges at our closing ceremony. Team TPA from ChuHai College of Higher Education was announced champion of this competition. The models were exhibited in Central Oasis where the community can gain an understanding of the concept behind the finalist’s work.

Prize presentation ceremony