Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a two day, overnight experience for our students. A joint venture between Heroes Too and A-team Edventures, it teaches students to work together to accomplish goals. It is meant to be fun, but has a heavy focus on breaking students from their comfort zones to build relationships and teach the students beneficial skills that have real world applications. Students are assigned leadership roles and evaluated on their performance. The experience is almost entirely based outdoors and gives students the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. Activities are group oriented and include kayaking, hiking, and camping.

Students will develop a strong understanding and appreciation of the natural environment. They will spend 90% of their time outdoors and 70% of the activities they partake in are related to environmental issues such as protecting the marine and coastal environment, reducing food and water waste and reducing litter and our carbon footprint. These young people will be our leaders of tomorrow, and will be taught to express an environmental awareness.

The intent of this programme is to build up leaders within our community willing to make great changes for our environment. They will grow in confidence: to lead, to think for themselves, and to take action. After this programme, the students will return to their schools with a newly found confidence to lead in an Environmental Council established in their schools.