Our New Summer 2018 Interns

HeroesToo is very happy to welcome our new interns for Summer 2018. They will be with us for a few months and we are giving them the best volunteer experience in Hong Kong. Interns starting from the left in the picture: Simon, Asah, Samantha, Himishika, Claudia and Will.

Simon is getting his master of Chinese business at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is concerned that we are killing the planеt without paying attention to the fact that it is our home. He thinks that everyone should begin with himself and herself. That’s why he chose HeroesToo as his internship.

Asah is a rising Senior from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont, USA. He is studying Political Science and is passionate about environmental issues and making sure that our world is inhabitable for future generations. Asah enjoys Long distance backpacking and Alpine Skiing.

Samantha is studying Environmental Management and Technology in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). She finds HeroesToo has done a great job in connecting the community and environmental education by conducting Eco programme that she hopes more people can take action in protecting the environment.

Himeshika is a born and raised Hong Konger – she is a final year student at the City University of Hong Kong and currently getting a bachelor’s degree in English Studies.  Empowering about environmental responsibility is one of her long term passions. She hopes the future will be brighter by everyday small changes made by each individual. Himeshika is fond of poetry writing and reading in her spare time.

Claudia is from San Francisco, California, USA and She studies at Skyline College in San Bruno. She majors in architecture, but is currently finishing an Associate Degree in communication studies. Claudia enjoys working for the community and believes that we need to take action in environmental  issues. For that reason, she choose to be a intern at Hereostoo for the summer. Claudia enjoys painting and drawing in her free time.

Will is from Bali, Indonesia. He graduated from Curtin Singapore and holding a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Will is eager to change people’s lifestyle towards more environmentally conscious behaviours. He enjoys Mix Martial Arts and has a dream to become a professional fighter in the future.

Monique (not pictured) is from Hong Kong, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hang Seng Management College. She is passionate about environmental issues, seeing the negative impacts on the outdoors is heartbreaking. She enjoys playing basketball and squash.