Our first EcoPledge workshop at TWGHs C. Y. Ma Memorial College


Friday morning last week, some of our team members, along with our EcoPledge facilitator, visited Form 4 at TWGH’s C. Y. Ma Memorial College to conduct our first EcoPledge workshop. As the School itself has pledged to limit its use of energy, the students learned how to create their own survey in order to be able to collect information about the waste of energy from other students and their families. Along with that, the students also came up with ideas on how they each can work towards a more energy friendly lifestyle.

It was an early morning class and the students were very excited and engaged in the workshop.We are looking forward to visiting the school again in the new year for our second workshop, where the students’ creativity will be challenged. And to their final workshop and School Assembly where they will share their findings with the entire school.

We have a whole photoalbum on our Facebook page from our visit at the school.