TWGHs C.Y. Ma Memorial College

TWGHs C.Y. Ma Memorial College

Secondary school

location: New Territories


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History of the College

The school is the 14th secondary school under the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. It is located in Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories. It is adjacent to the West Rail Station. It covers an area of ​​about 7,000 square meters and commenced in September 1995. To provide students with a formal secondary school curriculum, lay a good foundation for learning, consolidate the attitude of moral feelings, to go to college, post-secondary college or to prepare for future employment.

With the spirit of running a school, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals is committed to providing the community with a wide range of educational services and education to enable children and young people to grow and contribute to the society. To provide a good learning environment for children and young people in Hong Kong so that they can develop their potential and become good citizens with knowledge and skills, independent thinking ability, courage to take responsibility and concern for social affairs. In addition, the school emphasizes the development of children and adolescents have the correct values ​​and positive outlook on life, and motto "diligence, thrift, loyalty, faith" for the completion of the course, encouraged them to expand rich and meaningful life.

In the face of different changes in education reform, our teachers are able to self-improvement, continue to nurture students, the spring rain of responsibility, the effectiveness of access to the district parents agree. In recent years, the school has achieved outstanding results in different areas. Such as badminton, volleyball, track and field, rugby, cycling, recitation, music, environmental protection, mathematics, etc., in different intercollegiate competitions. It is worth mentioning that a special project for seven consecutive years won the academic dragon lion championship. In addition to the achievements of students in addition to efforts, behind the cultivation of teachers also contributed. In order to cultivate students more comprehensively and achieve the goal of whole-person education, the school also offers a variety of elite and leadership training courses to students so that their spare time can fully grasp and cultivate their self-respect and self-reliance. Learning "ability to pursue excellence" and responsibility, and the establishment of enterprising, know how to care about themselves, caring for others,

Willingness to commit to public affairs and the establishment of correct values. In addition, we are more committed to students for the establishment of English campus culture. Since the beginning of this year, various English activities have been arranged for students to participate. Through the diversified activities, students are encouraged to communicate in English on Fridays. For example, students must also communicate in English with the staff. I believe that to succeed in mastering the language, we must cultivate it in a suitable environment. Therefore, our school will provide after-school English enhancement activities and study English-speaking countries so that students can have an international perspective and become more integrated into the global village. Globalization.

I hope that the students will be able to strive for the upper reaches and keep making progress. Parents will be able to cooperate with the school and work together to equip our students to equip themselves and lay the foundation for their future. They will have the courage to face different challenges. Into, return to society

TWGHs C.Y. Ma Memorial College

Is there any doubt that humankind activities are having a detrimental effect on the earth – our home, our only home? Climate change is one manifestation, through the wasteful consumption of every thing from electricity, to paper, to food: invariably leads to the pollution of our land our oceans and air, elements we as a species need for survival – we must reverse course.

Education and behavioral change will play an enormous role in the solution. We seek to educate and empower our young people to take an active role both in school and at home, to make incremental lifestyle changes. A world where each individual will consciously consider his or her own lifestyle choices and consider ways of reducing waste.

TWGHs Kwok Yat Wai College is the first secondary school to join the HeroesToo EcoPledge Environemtal Education program; building awareness and resulting in the school making a pledge to reduce waste on resources.

The program consists of two school assemblies, one at the start of our program and the other at the end of the workshops. Our six workshops cover Water, Paper, Plastic, Energy and Food and a field trip to an organic farm.

The assemblies are whole school with sixty students from year 4 participating in our EcoPledge Environmental Education classroom workshops.

The school posted the energy-saving slogans to improve the students' environmental awareness. To increase students' awareness of renewable energy, the school installed solar panels, and will set up wind turbines. In addition to creating a more comfortable feeling in the school, and by the students take care of themselves in class, training students sense of responsibility and Tao Yang temperament. The school gardens also open up an organic farming park, which is run by the students of the Horticultural Area. The crops will be donated to the elderly homes and other charitable organizations in the district.

Symbiosis system

The environment is quiet

Green planting

Own farmland

Own farmland

Own farmland

Own farmland

Own farmland

Workers will have steamed rice steamed out from the furnace, so that when students take lunch

Workers will be lunch boxes from the freezer into the steam heating

Large steam cabinet, for students to heat the lunch box

Solar panels

Comfortable and smooth corridor

Solar electric taps