Small People Are Heroes Too!

Group sharing by HeroesToo facilitators

On the 13th and 14th of June 2016,
HeroesToo Foundation hosted two 
assemblies at TWGHs Leo Tung-hai 
Lee primary school.The first
 assembly was tailored to an 
audience of around 120 P4 and P6 students.
 During the assembly, students
 learnt of the alarming amount of 
food waste in Hong Kong and of the
 negative effects food waste has
 on the local and global community.
 Most importantly, they learned how they could practice better food
 habits in their own lives that encourage eco-friendly behaviour.

    Small group discussion

Immediately following the presentation, students were split into small groups and discussed ways in which they could reduce food waste. After group collaboration, students wrote their ideas on a poster board (made from recycled paper) and shared them with the entire student assembly.

During the presentation, students learnt that single-use utensils also contribute to waste. Several student groups suggested not using plastic spoons, forks and chopsticks would reduce overall waste. After the group sharing, HeroesToo surprised students by presenting each of them with a gift of re-usable and biodegradable chopsticks made from rice husk.

Distributing re-usable chopsticks made from rice husks

At the second assembly the following day, HeroesToo Foundation conducted a bilingual presentation (English and Cantonese) to a group of over 300 P1 to P3 students. The topic of water conservation was presented in a fun, simple and interactive way for the young students to understand.Distributing re-usable chopsticks made from rice husks, the students were introduced to the song, “We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands,” which was relevant to the topic and allowed them to loosen up and be receptive from the start. The message conveyed the importance of turning off the tap when not using it. This is a positive action which these young students could not only relate to but had the power to control. During the assembly, students were asked questions, engaging them and enabling them to think deeper on this topic.

"Who wants to be a hero?"

“Who wants to be a hero?”

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.44.00 am

Students offering ideas during the presentation

Two of our newest young heros with HeroesToo Foundation founder, Raymond Yap, and facilitators

HeroesToo Foundation’s main mission is to encourage everyone to be proactive in the task of taking care of our environment. Both presentations shared information with students in ways that they can start to implement eco-friendly habits in their own lives. A key message throughout both presentations was although taking care of the planet seems like a big job, it becomes much easier if we all do our own small part and anyone, no matter how small or young can be a hero too.

Of course neither of these
 assemblies would have
 been possible without the
 kind support of the
 Leo Tung-hai Lee
Primary School staff.
 With permission from the school heads,
 HeroesToo Foundation reached over
400 P1 to P6 students in the two assembly sessions, enlightening them on two issues 
that pose a threat to our
 environment: food waste
 and fresh water waste and giving them a summer holiday project to do something about it.

Teacher Ms. Wu, HeroesToo Founder, Raymond Yap, School Principal, Ms. Law, teacher Ms. Lo, and HeroesToo Foundation Director, Ellie Sackett

With guidance from the 
head teachers,
 HeroesToo Foundation prepared two separate assembly presentations in order to deliver the most effective and age appropriate information to convey two separate essential topics on environmental sustainability to each of the two age groups. Both assemblies were very exciting and encouraging events for the HeroesToo Foundation members and facilitators as it was a first with local primary schools of different age levels.

Facilitators Terry and Francis, Deputy Vice Principal Ms. Choy, and HeroesToo Foundation Founder Raymond Yap.

HeroesToo Foundation will continue working with Leo Tung-hai Lee Primary School and commence its environmental education with other primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong to incorporate environmental and eco-friendly topics into the school’s own STEM syllabus starting Fall 2016 by providing our own trained facilitators into the classrooms and include a field trip as part of the hands on learning experience.