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HeroesToo Foundation needs your support to make our meaningful EcoPledge education campaign bigger and better.

Every dollar donated to our EcoPledge Education Program enables us to expand the programme to more schools and reach out to students to educate and activate them to play their role in becoming eco-heroes.

Our objective is a global connected community of schools with the same vision and objective. Imagine thousands of schools joined to create the tipping point for behavioural changes and every single one of the students in these schools spreading the message in their communities!

The HeroesToo Foundation management keeps overheads minimal to ensure donations go to the heart of our cause and vision: providing global sustainable environmental education and creating crowd awareness and the knowledge of how to take positive action together to save our world from needless waste.

Along with the founder, we are comprised of committed management and a board of advisors who share our global vision and serve without pay. We have two part time facilitators one of whom doubles up as admin staff and we work with student interns. Office space is donated whilst administration costs are kept to a bare minimum. Over 80% of our donations are used directly for our EcoPledge Program for the facilitators and class outings for students to learn hands on about caring for the environment.


CHEQUE: Please make your cheque payable to “HeroesToo Foundation” and mail to the attention of:

Mr. Raymond Yap


The HeroesToo Foundation

1205 Harvest Building, 29-37 Wing Kut Street, Central, Hong Kong

In order to save paper, please provide us with a forwarding address if you require a receipt. As a registered charity, your donation is tax-deductible.

ATM TRANSFER: Please call us for banking details.