What we do

To drive lasting environmental change, HeroesToo is putting its efforts into three areas:



 Educational programmes

The EcoPledge Program

HeroesToo frequently visits school, colleges and universities providing eco-education and environmental awareness workshops. In 2013 HeroesToo created the EcoPledge Program, a tool to encourage the entire school and its students to commit to a change towards a more sustainable lifestyle and behaviour resulting in a reduction of their carbon footprint. The EcoPledge Program aims to create a globally connected network of schools and communities for global change.  Read more….

The EcoPledge 

HeroesToo believes every individual’s action can make a tangible difference when combined with community action. Thus the EcoPledge, a promise taken by each individual to make a conscious positive and measurable change in one’s personal habit, will create the synergy necessary to trigger a meaningful change to save the damage being done to our environment.


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Reforestation and Forest Protection programmes

HeroesToo runs a reforestation programme and a forest protection programme. In collaboration with the Guangdong Academy of Forestry, HeroesToo funded GAF’s reforestation programme in Guangdong. The reforestation site in Lashi Village, covers an initial 160 hectares and we have planted 21,500 saplings of 59 different species of trees. Read more….