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The knowledge of herbal cosmetics is represented now-a-days by both orally transmitted folk information and newer information generated by modern scientific studies. Herbal products like extracts; oils and powders have been used in cosmetics as either active moieties or as excipients. Herbal extracts used in cosmetics Herbal extracts are primarily added to the cosmetic preparations due to
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Herbs native to Japan were classified in the first pharmacopoeia of Japanese traditional medicine in the ninth century (Saito, 2000). 1.1.3 Indian traditional medicine Ayurveda is a medical system primarily practised in India that has been known for nearly 5000 years. It includes diet and herbal remedies, while emphasizing the body, mind and spirit in disease prevention and treatment (Morgan
of familiar herbs, the names of medicines manufactured in and imported from the Dominican Republic, and the names of common items found in everybody’s kitchen. We have tried to be careful and systematic in researching these products, but
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ph@tf Spices All Spice Herbs and Spices Fresh Herbs Basil